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A Moment of Serenity A Moment of Serenity
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As he leaned forward with an outstretched hand, his hulking mass towered over the small creature. Seemingly unafraid, it hopped onto his palm. Its ears were drawn slightly back in an unsure manner as it gently lifted its precious gift, an acorn to this horned god! With an unusual gentleness not..
Avian, The Forest Witch Avian, The Forest Witch
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“So it’s immortality you want”“The cost is high”“Come closer, bring the child to me”“What will you do with her”?“That is of no concern to you my dear”Avian is old beyond her looks.It is said she is over 200 years oldThat she casts a spell to appear younger.No matter the tales two things are for cert..
'Tis said the soul of mortal man recoiledTo view Black Annis' eye, so fierce and wildVast talons, foul with human flesh, there grewIn place of hands, and features livid blueGlared in her visage, whilst her obscene waistWarm skins of human victims close embracedNot without terror they the cave survey..
Rosalind was a young girl who lived in a small village on the edge of the Napatu forest.She would often go deep into the forest to look for beautiful flowers to take back to her grandmother, just to put a smile on the old ladies face.  She had heard stories of the folk that lived in the forest...
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