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40mm Graveyard Base Inserts
-14 %
Brand: Wyrd
40mm Graveyard themed base inserts. Contains 2 inserts to fit 30mm round lipped bases Supplied unpainted and unassembled..
£5.99 £6.99
40mm Skull Bases
-25 %
40mm skull bases. Cast in resin. Pack contains 4 bases   Supplied unpainted..
£2.62 £3.49
-50 %
Brand: Enigma
Abalivar 30mm scale. Cast in metal. Supplied unpainted and unassembled  ..
£5.22 £10.45
Age of Sigmar Paint and Tool Set
-10 %
Containing everything you need to get your miniatures clipped from their sprues, cleaned up and painted, this is the perfect set for those new to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It includes clippers, a mouldline remover, ideal paints for miniatures of both of the factions found in the Age of Sigmar..
£22.50 £24.99
Brand: Vallejo
Airbrush Flow Improver. Used by many painter as an additive to their paint mixes to help when diluting paint for blending with a brush 17ml dropper bottle...
£2.50 £2.75
Alchemancer & Bloodrage  (Metal)
-14 %
Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted! The Urkin Alchemancer is sculpted by Sebastian Archer. The larger Bloodrage Urkin is sculpted by Valentin Zak. Both are designed to fit with 32mm scale miniatures. The Bloodrage Urkin is the alternate form of the Urkin ..
£11.99 £13.99
Animal Skulls and Bones
-15 %
Brand: Kromlech
Animal Skulls and Bones Contains 11 Animal and Monster Skulls and bones. Resin Cast  ..
£5.95 £6.99
'Tis said the soul of mortal man recoiledTo view Black Annis' eye, so fierce and wildVast talons, foul with human flesh, there grewIn place of hands, and features livid blueGlared in her visage, whilst her obscene waistWarm skins of human victims close embracedNot without terror they the cave survey..
£36.99 £39.99
Blood Red
-18 %
Brand: Scale75
Blood Red SC-36 Suitable for brush or airbrush 17ml dropper bottle. Please remember that due to variances in computer screens the colour image shown may vary slightly from the actual product. We do endeavour to make them as accurate as possible..
£2.49 £3.05
-25 %
Brand: Purgatory
Bobo is an Footslogger for the Murder Inc. faction in Purgatory. This a 32mm scale resin model, that comes with a resin insert, black lipped gaming base, stat card and San Ban card. Scuplted by Lux Thantor, Supplied unpainted and unassembled..
£7.50 £9.99
Brass Etch Zombie Warning Signs
-13 %
Brand: PK PRO
Etched Brass signs.ideal for keeping Zombies at bay!Contains 15 signs.    ..
£6.99 £7.99
-25 %
Cernunnos Resin cast 32mm Scale Sculpted by Olivier Bouchet Supplied unassembled and unpainted..
£5.56 £7.41
Citadel Assembly Handle
-10 % Out Of Stock
The perfect tool to use when assembling some of our more complex miniatures, the Citadel Assembly Handle is designed to hold components securely in place while glue takes hold. Sometimes, a tiny component can require holding in place for several minutes as the glue dries – the soft, spring-l..
£11.65 £12.95
Citadel Spray Stick
-10 % Out Of Stock
It may look like a goofy stick, but the pegs allow you to stretch elastic bands in different ways to hold miniatures securely whilst you work all the angles to get the paint where it needs to be. A detachable handle allows you to get right in there with your hands for maximum control, or ke..
£11.65 £12.95
Creatures From Hell Paint Set
-10 %
Brand: Scale75
Creatures From Hell Suitable for brush or airbrush Contains 8 paints: Hastur Purple Mayhem red Baal Crimson Beherit Red Tiamat Orange iIshtar Pink Marduk yellow Lilith Yellow..
£23.00 £25.45
Daemonic Yellow
-25 %
Brand: Army Painter
Utilizing loads of heavy pigment for an excellent coverage the Warpaints has been specifically designed to compliment an already existing range; this paint is a 100% match of the Colour Primer of the same name. 18ml dropper bottle. Please remember that due to variances in computer screens the ..
£1.50 £1.99
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