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Ali McVey Blending Set

Ali McVey Blending Set

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This pair of brushes is a rather unusual set up for most people but is the way Ali likes to work for Two Brush blending to achieve her stunning results and she is happy to put her name to this set.

The first brush (the one used to apply the paint) is a size 2 brush. with a rounded point this brush has a nice sized belly to hold plenty of paint giving you the freedom to apply in the quantity you want. the second brush in the set is a Filbert style. Equivalent to a size 2 the flat shape sets this brush apart from the usual blenders. Ali particularly likes this shape as it is perfect for blending to an edge

Both brushes are made from pure Kolinsky Sable.

As part of the famous Studio McVey, Ali has become renowned for her stunning work alongside the equally talented legend that is Mike McVey earning her widespread acclaim throughout the miniature painting world.

This is a great opportunity to try out Ali's set up yourself.

Made with the finest Kolinsky Sable, Gloss finished wooden handles and Nickel Ferrules, The handle thickness and shape is designed to make the brushes light-weight and comfortable to hold even during long painting sessions.
This are top quality brushes designed for the best results and to last

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