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Model Craft

Brand: Model Craft
Plastic, soft ends for delicate and precise work.25mm Capacity..
Helping Hands with Magnifier
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Brand: Model Craft
Helping Hands with Magnifier. Extremely useful versatile device for holding items in position during assembly. Ball joints permit adjustment to exact positions required. Heavyweight base to avoid tipping. Incorporates 2.5" glass magnifier for precision viewing.    ..
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Brand: Model Craft
These unique clamps, developed in France by Dr. Berna, are made of technologically advanced materials used in the aircraft industry. Beams are made of high density carbon fibres and the jaws are incredibly supple - giving the clamps a tactile flexibility and pressure sensitivity similar to the human..
Brand: Model Craft
• Suitable for holding, gripping and clamping work pieces• Fitted with adjustable grips for better positioning• 3 x 3" (75mm)• 6 x 2" (50mm) Plastic, soft ends for delicate and precise work.25mm Capacity..
Brand: Model Craft
The set includes 4 very fine saw blades and Scalpel handle. Excellent for intricate sawing & cutting in plastics, wood and photo etched parts. Blades can fit all small fitment scalpel handles...
Brand: Model Craft
6" Scale Steel Rule with (1/12th and 1/24th scale) markings..
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