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Clanking Destroyer heads

Clanking Destroyer heads. Contains 10 heads (5 different designs) 28mm heroic scale. Resin ..


Large Shoulder Pads

Set of 10 randomly selected shoulder pads made to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures. Suitable for Fantasy..


Mechanical Hammers

Set of 10 hammers. Fit most 28-33mm "heroic scale" miniatures.. Cast in resin   Supplied unpai..


Mechanical Shields and Hammers

Set of 5 shields and 5 hammers - fit most 28-35mm miniatures. Each shield has a peg on the back to e..

Mechanical Shoulder Pads

Mechanical Shoulder Pads

Set contains of 8 shoulder pads (2x4)   Supplied unpainted and unassembled..

£2.50 £4.30

Pulp Alley Weapons

All our favorite Pulp Alley weapons available in one pack - including Webley, Luger, Colt 1911, Maus..


Resistance Fighters Cell Officer Weapons

Arm your Resistance Fighter Cell Officers for the fight against oppression! 1x Assault Rifle ..


Resistance Fighters SMG's

4x SMG Cast in Metal Sculpted by Andrew Rae Supplied unpainted and unassembled..


Resistance Fighters Weapons 3

Arm your Resistance Fighters with the latest S.O.E. weapons technology! These are Fine Scale items. ..


Sons of Thor Backpacks

Sons of Thor Backpacks Contains 5 backpacks 28mm heroic scale. Resin Cast  ..


Steam Knights Helmets

This pack contains set of 10 randomly selected head swaps that fit most of the 28mm "heroic" minis (..

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