Army Painter

Army Painter

Army Painter brushes are designed specifically for miniature painting. They produce a variety of brushes each focussed towards a specific task. Many of their brushes are produced with a trangular handle

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Kolinsky Masterclass Brush

This brush is as good as it comes. The absolute finest Kolinsky Sable hair is used to make this hand..


Large Drybrush

This speciality drybrush has a 43 degree angle cut on the hard tip, making it absolutely unique in d..


Monster Brush

The Monster Brush has the right size for any larger models such as Dragons, Trolls, Warmachines and ..


Regiment Brush

The Rotmarder sable hairs on this brush and its considerable size makes the Regiment brush spectacul..


Vehicle and Scenery Brush

The Vehicle brush has a flat stiff end making it perfect for highligting edges on tanks and drybrush..

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