Wamp Select Range

Wamp Select Range

The Select Range of brushes from Wamp is designed specifically for miniature painters. Made from Kolinsky Sable with Gloss Handles and Nickel Ferrules these are high quality made from the finest materials available. They allow the best results and will last if cared for.


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Ali McVey Blender No1 Brush

This brush (the one used to apply the paint) is a size 2 brush. with a rounded point this brush has ..


Ali McVey Blender No2 Brush

This brush s a Filbert style. Equivalent to a size 2 the flat shape sets this brush apart from the u..


Basecoat Brush

Equivalent to a size 3, the Basecoat brush is a larger size that allows quick and easy basecoating. ..


Detail Brush

Equivalent to a size 1, this is the main workhorse brush. Its larger size over the Fine Detail allow..


Fine Detail Brush

Equivalent to a Size 0. A very sharp tapered point makes this ideal for really small details such as..


Flat Brush

Flat Brush This size 1 equivalent is perfect for angular edging work as well as other tasks.  ..


Freehand Brush

Equivalent to a size 0, the freehand brush features extra long and thin bristle arrangement that is ..


Large Basecoat Brush

Equivialent to a size 4, this large size brush is great for applying large swathes of basecoat quick..


Liner Brush

Equivalent to a size 2/0, this small brush is designed for lining work. Its extra long bristles allo..


Stipple Brush

Stipple Brush   This brush is perfect for applying a stipple effect to your work, whether its ..


Vehicle Brush

Equivalent to a size 6, this is the largest brush we produce. It is aimed towards larger scale proje..

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