Pigments are a great way to take your miniatures to the next level. They can be used to create stunning weathering effects such as charring, rust, mould, mud and dirt, on both miniatures or scenic elements.

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Burnt Green Earth Pigment

Burnt Green Earth, slightly darker than Mexico Yellow but with similar uses can be used as a darker ..


Burnt Sienna Pigment

Burnt Sienna, suitable as a red brick dust or a dark clay. Each pot contains approx 20ml of earth..


Chromium Oxide Pigment

Chromium Oxide, a green pigment that can be used to add a moss/verdigris effect to stone and rock as..


Graphite Pigment

Graphite Powder, 200 Mesh grade so it is very fine, it is ideal for doing rubbed/worn paint areas on..


Light Green Earth Pigment

Light Green Earth Light Green Earth pigment, a buff colour that can be used for a concrete or lig..


Mexico Yellow Pigment

Mexico Yellow is an ideal colour for a dry tropical earth or jungle earth such as that found in Viet..


Raw Sienna Pigment

Raw Sienna is a good colour for dust or desert dust. Each pot contains approx 20ml of earth pigme..


Raw Umber Pigment

Raw Umber  is a good colour for dry mud or earth Each pot contains approx 20ml of earth pigment (..


Red Ochre Pigment

Red Ochre Red Ochre is a dark rust colour, mix with yellow ochre for light rust effect. Each p..


Red Oxide Pigment

Red Oxide Red Oxide is an aged rust colour, mix with yellow ochre for a lighter rust. Each pot..


Vegetable Black

Vegetable Black Pigment Vegetable Black is excellent for soot effects. Each pot contains appro..


Yellow Ochre Pigment

Yellow Ochre Yellow Ochre is a yellow sand colour that can also be mixed with the other colours i..

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