These products are handy additions to any painters toolbox, and can help create numerous effects and push your painting to the next level.

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Airbrush Flow Improver

Airbrush Flow Improver. Used by many painter as an additive to their paint mixes to help when diluti..


Crackle Medium

Crackle Medium is a great product to create cracked paint effects on miniatures or scenery. 17ml ..


Masking Fluid

Used to reserve areas which are to remain unpainted, especially in airbrush techniques, but also wit..


Matt varnish

Vallejo Matt Varnish 17ml dropper bottle...

Thinning  Liquid

Thinning Liquid

Thinning Liquid Fast drying clear solvent specially made for diluting weathering liquids. Crea..

£3.75 £4.50

Vallejo Decal Fix

Decal Fix is designed to help affix decals to models. It improves the adherence of the decal to the ..


Vallejo Gloss Medium (60ml)

Gloss Medium. Gloss Medium extends the colors, increases their fluidity and transparence, and sof..


Vallejo Matt Medium

Matt Medium. 17ml dropper bottle...


Vallejo Satin Varnish

Vallejo Satin Varnish 17ml dropper bottle...


Vallejo Surface Primer (Grey)

Grey surface primer 17ml dropper bottle...

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