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Chaagmuth The Jaw-taker

The Gabrax, as a whole, are a race that crave power and strength as none other and often seem foolha..


Cynuise of Old

In ages past, in the time when the armies of the stone cities subjugated the land, Cynuise was a war..



Drast the Hunched is that rarest of warriors, one whose physical impairments have not halted his rep..



Galagaak was born of the deepest places of the mountains, the dark gorges and hollows where the abom..



The will of Ophius is such that the Gorgonars are almost exclusively in thrall to his ultimate desir..



The Drunes of Ker-Ys fear nothing but the vengeance of their wrathful goddess, but that does not red..



The Fomoraic have ever needed humans in their ranks so they can better understand their ancient enem..



Of all the myriad sklávoi the Atalantes created at the dawn of the world the Krokodars have always b..



The Dyndraig that lend their brutal blades to Cadwaladr, the famous Red Dragon of Teyrnas Gwynedd, a..



The man-beasts of Baalor are as diverse and aberrant as the Fomor themselves, at least to human eyes..



Alongside Órorqaan his Gultain and the Srónax led by that brutal warrior, Qqolaan lends his barbarou..



Svrill has wielded the power of Khthon through all of his long life for, once transformed, his incho..


The Terror of Fortriu

The cold mountains of Fortriu, in the far north where ice and snow hold sway, was the domain of a ho..



Around the cold coasts of the north and west of Eriu lurks Uuthüll, one of the eldest of Conands cre..

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