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6mm Masking Tape

6mm Masking Tape 18 meter length.  ..


6mm Masking Tape

Model Craft 6mm Masking Tape 18 meter length. Twin Pack..


A4 Magnetic Sheet

A4 Magnetic Sheet. Can be easily cut to fit bases,plinths,etc for magnetizing your miniatures. 1 ..


Aluminium Palette (10 Well)

This practical aluminum pallet is suitable for all kind of paints, thinners and modeling products. E..


Helping Hands with Magnifier

Helping Hands with Magnifier. Extremely useful versatile device for holding items in position during..


Miniature and Model Drill

The Drill is a well known and valuable tool for the converter and modeler. Drill holes in metal, r..



These unique clamps, developed in France by Dr. Berna, are made of technologically advanced material..



The pliers are useful for holding onto small bits as they get filed or attached using superglue. The..


The Masters Brush Soap

The premier brush cleaner.Just wet the brush and work up a lather on the hard cake. Even old, hard..

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