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Chaagmuth The Jaw-taker

Chaagmuth The Jaw-taker
Chaagmuth The Jaw-taker

The Gabrax, as a whole, are a race that crave power and strength as none other and often seem foolhardy in their hunt for more weapons, for more plunder, for more slaughter in an ever-increasing cycle of ferocity and brutality in Baalor's name. For them, the means are an end in itself, and yet there are even Gabrax in awe of Chaagmuth the Jaw-Taker's savage and relentless pursuit of might - and, of course, his legendary barbarity, evidenced by the jaw-trophies and the skull-prizes - and thus are drawn to him as moths are to flame, for even in the shadow of power there is a reflection of it. Thus it is that Chaagmuth's warband grows further even as his strength grows, and in his warband and indeed in many others his demands are inviolate. Even so, Chaagmuth knows that the future is finite; for did he not take the jaws of his ancestor, his sire, in his quest for power? Such consciousness is perhaps his greatest strength, and his ruthless crushing of any kin-strife - at least for now - ensures that Chaagmuth's enemies are yet without.


chaagmuth The Jaw-breaker,  Untain of the Tarvax.  Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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