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Aykroyd (Metal)

Aykroyd (Metal)
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Aykroyd (Metal)

Aykroyd can utilise these captured essences to increase the power of his Alchemantic Lance, turning it into a fearsome weapon indeed.

He carries an Alchemantic Trap of his own design with which he can absorb the energy of invocations called nearby.

Aykroyd is a specialist in Alchemantic theory, not from a practical point of view in casting invocations but rather as a foil to Alchemancers who seek to use their powers for ill.

Aykroyd is a 32mm metal miniature sculpted by Sebastian Archer.

Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

Cast in metal (Resin version available)

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