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Svrill has wielded the power of Khthon through all of his long life for, once transformed, his inchoate mind could do little else; his masters, sometimes callous, sometimes malevolent, mostly indifferent, cared little for such talent, for their attentions were upon the very future of Atalantia and by extension their race. Yet Svrill, forced into a life of slaughter and pain like all of his kin, still developed the skills to use the incredible power within the earth regardless, for once awoken, it could not be forsaken, and if the Gorgonars were ever to free themselves from the shackles of slavery he knew he would have a part to play. Svrill's strength matured to incredible proportions during his slavery and when it became apparent to the Atalantes - who, more than any other humans, understand the power of the earth - they realised their mistake and hated him for it, for many believe that he has accelerated the decline of their lands. Whether he can indeed wield such power remains to be seen, but all know that with Svrill by his side Ophius will destroy accursed Atalantia, one way or another.


Svrill, Wielder of Khthon. Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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