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Alongside Órorqaan his Gultain and the Srónax led by that brutal warrior, Qqolaan lends his barbarous strength and booming roar to the destroyer's armies in their inexorable march south and east from the icy lands around Toraigh, a strength born of an existence marked only by war. Throughout his battle-scarred years in Baalor's servitude - year upon year of shieldwall-breaking and skull-splitting and obdurate might in the forefront of the carnage - Qqolaan has slaughtered countless enemies of the ice both weak and tough and endured wounds and hardships only the Srónax can bear, at least for any length of time; and those hard-won scars have ensured that it is he that carries the skull and the banner for the Eye and stands with it in the battle-line, where it both inspires the brutal warriors that fight with him and dismays those who must fight against him, so much so that when Qqolaan and the Srónax are abroad many choose to confront lesser beast-men amongst the Fomoraic.


Qqolaan, Skull Bearer of the Sronax. Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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