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The man-beasts of Baalor are as diverse and aberrant as the Fomor themselves, at least to human eyes. Joinings of man and boar, goat, horse, bull - and indeed a myriad of other beasts that roam throughout the north - are commonly brought to battle in Baalor's name, for they are wild and strong and fear little, but there are lesser-seen beasts of war within the Destroyer's armies of even greater infamy than those, beasts such as the Srónax, the horned ones of icy Thule. Despite their limited numbers, the Srónax - abhorrent melds of man and rhinoceros with a nature as feral - are enormously powerful warriors with few equals upon the field of battle, and their Tains - of which Órorqaan is Gultain - have even fewer. He is as brutal and as ferocious as only the Srónax can be, an implacable giant of horn and muscle and brutish strength with a vicious reputation even amongst his kindred, a cold slaughterer who brings his host to bear where Baalor's need is greatest, where his enemies are the most powerful; for the Srónax are renowned for their endurance and obduration, and there are not many enemies that can face Órorqaan and his Srónax without a quailing heart.


Oroqaan, Gultain of the Sronax.  Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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