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The Fomoraic have ever needed humans in their ranks so they can better understand their ancient enemy, and humans that readily join them are needed most of all; yet even amongst those are men who are devoted to their masters, men like Kraan, who is already a legend amongst the followers of the Destroyer of the North. Kraan willingly threw in his lot with the Fomoraics long ago, yet none know from where Kraan originates, nor understand his motivation for becoming a warrior of Baalor, but all know of his fearsome courage and his unbreakable will, his malevolent intelligence and his brutal strength, and Kraan's favour with Baalor grows with every skull he places upon his trophy rack, every host he breaks for the Eye in the Ice. With his mount - a ferocious bear from the icy wastes given to him by Baalor himself - Kraan is nothing less than a force of nature, an unstoppable killer of black armour and cold steel, a harbinger of the ice that will cleanse the lands above the water in Baalor's name.


Kraan, Untain of Baalor on foot.  Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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