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Galagaak was born of the deepest places of the mountains, the dark gorges and hollows where the abominations of this world begin their journey to plague the kingdoms of Man. An abhorrent meld of bovine and human grown to many times their size, the savage Tarvox - of which Galagaak is not yet the foulest and most horrific of its kind - are aroused from their vile dens by a hatred of all life that consumes them from birth to bloody death, a hatred that grows with each gorging of flesh and every murderous kill, a hatred encouraged and fed by the ministrations of Baalor himself. Galagaak's path of slaughter and carnage has thus far led it to the hinterlands and the wildernesses where other beasts suffer in its wake, but time alone stands against this savage horror and a trail of devastation that will lead to the very gates of civilisation itself, to a brutal end of its own, no doubt, but one that will hurl the souls of thousands of innocents into the void along with it.


Galagaak, Raging Tarvox.Sculpted by Aragorn Marks and cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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