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Around the cold coasts of the north and west of Eriu lurks Uuthüll, one of the eldest of Conands creatures: a mighty scaled and slimed monster arrayed with unearthly limbs and snapping jaws, encrusted with parasites and hardened skin and possessing an implacable, malign intelligence that even Baalor himself fears. Uuthülls dark renown ensures many wild tales are told of it, tales of ships and their crews pulled beneath the waves by a tentacled, evil-smelling leviathan and shieldwalls shattered by a lumbering monstrosity from the deeps that has no right to walk upon the land. Yet most such tales are no myth, for like all stories the truth is there for those that are willing to see, and when Uuthüll rises against the enemies of the Fomoraic and devours them bodily those tales are remembered and finally understood for the dire warnings they are.


Uuthüll, Risen Kraacken. He stands 100mm from floor to his eyes and is 182mm at his tallest point, a real beast of a mini! Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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