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The will of Ophius is such that the Gorgonars are almost exclusively in thrall to his ultimate desire: the extinction of the Atalantes and their lands, a lust for vengeance upon their former masters that only brutalised slaves could sustain. Others of the Khthones may favour a search for lands they can call their own, or covet the wealth of kings and priests, or even wish for simple freedom itself, but Issithill knows that the Atalantes would simply create more slaves, more menials to debase and imprison until their dying breath if the Khthones departed Atalantia entirely. To him, and indeed all of Ophius' kin, the Atalantes must be utterly destroyed if their unspeakable horrors are not to be repeated, and so he ensures the Gorgonars never forget their origins nor their destiny; for Issithill bears the Gorgonikon, the totem that displays for all to see the crime against nature the Atalantes have perpetrated.


Issithill, Agitator of Khthon. Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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