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Drast the Hunched is that rarest of warriors, one whose physical impairments have not halted his reputation nor blunted his prowess on the battlefield in the slightest. A hunchback since birth and shunned by other Albainn until - aged only fifteen - he saved the life of Dúngal, Mormaer of Dun Durn, in the wilderness of Fortriu during a Dál Riatan incursion, he became a member of his host and worked his way from scout to warrior to veteran in as short a time as any had ever done so. Impressed by his skill and courage despite his physical limitations, Dúngal bestowed upon him the highest honour he could; that of Hound of Dun Durn, the bearer of his personal mark into battle, and that which would be carved upon his oghu stone in memory of his deeds and life. For Drast, a warrior born into a shameful body, bearing Dúngal's banner into battle is a glory that means more to him than anything he could ever have dreamed of, and only in death would he relinquish it; and even then grudgingly, as some amongst the Albainn say.


Drast The Hunched, Hound of Dun Durn. Cast in high quality resin. 30mm scale

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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