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Armoured Syndicate

Armoured Syndicate
Armoured Syndicate is a range of high-quality 32mm scale resin miniatures and a tabletop game system (launching soon) developed and produced by Megaton Games Ltd.


Set in the global-warming ravaged desert wastelands of the 22nd century, Armoured Syndicate draws on themes including sci-fi, western, post-apocalyptic and traditional mech-warfare games. Armoured syndicate focuses on the robots, mechs and droids of this universe, they are the main characters with humans providing a supporting role.

Jose Jose
-50 %
Brand: Megaton Games
Jose 'Slug' Sanchez Faction:Cuervos Muertos.   Role: Anti Mech Sniper 32mm scale. Cast in Resin Sculpted by Tom Lishman Supplied unpainted and unassembled    ..
£4.00 £7.99
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